Brunchin’ At The Breakfast Club

Where: 12-16 Artillery Lane, E1 7LS
How Much Money Needed: £15 – £20 per person

After a long morning of exploring London with my Dad, we agreed that we were both getting hungry and needed to fulfil our empty stomachs wishes. We decided that we wanted to find somewhere that was different and ventured down many hidden side streets opposite Liverpool Street Station, where we stumbled upon The Breakfast Club.

I’ve never really been a massive Breakfast lover and would happily choose Brunch over Brekky any day. The Breakfast Club, however, cleverly offers Breakfast-Like meals, to suit any time of day, whether it being Brunch, Dinner or Breakfast. Fancy Some Southern Fried Chicken for dinner? Why not chuck in a side of Waffles as well, because at The Breakfast Club, you totally can! It’s the one place where you can order Pancakes for your main meal and not feel ashamed about it!
First of all, lets take a moment to appreciate the Decor. The set up made me feel like an American 80s School Kid, with old Sport Benches used for the eating booths, a huge neon ‘Sex, Drugs and Bacon Roll’ sign, records photo framed on the walls (including Simple Minds of course!) and even Graffiti Toilets, where you can write what you wish. Cool, Quirky, and right up my street! The atmosphere and surroundings are so chilled, that you are able to whip out your laptop and not feel awkward about it. Extra Brownie Points maybe?

I opted for a Haloumi Salad wrap, whilst my dad had the Chorizo Hash. Now I know what you’re thinking. Out of all of the delicious possibilities, how could I choose a Wrap over Pancakes, right?! I had the same thought at first, but actually, I’m really glad I did, because it was TASTY as hell. Made up of Haloumi (obviously), Tomatoes, Spinach and Humus, I can easily pass the wrap off as one of the best I’ve eaten. Just to throw it in there, My Dad also really enjoyed his meal and he isn’t usually one for these kind of places!

If you’re out and about in London, then I really recommend to visit The Breakfast Club for some grub lovin’.
Although it may be little more pricier than some places, You really do get your moneys worth. Just a little tip: Weekends are busy and may involve queuing, so the best time to go is usually the afternoon on a weekday! I know that sooner or later, I’ll be back for some Pancakes. Until Next Time.


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