Our magical Christmas tree


Hot Chocolates, Cosy Jumpers, traditional Christmas trees… not in this house! Well, maybe the hot chocolates and cosy jumpers is little bit of a lie, I can’t imagine what kind of Christmas that would be without them! But this year, my Mum decided to scrap our usual traditional decorated tree and instead, visioned a Harry Potter themed tree. At first we thought that it was just another one of her crazy ideas which would soon pass by. But it didn’t.

One day after uni, I came home to stay over for a few days and there it was.. this wonderfully weird, yet spectacular tree! From Dobby, liquid luck, the night bus and the sorting hat, which has replaced the star at the top of the tree; my Mum really pulled it out of the bag this year. She has literally thought of everything! I’ve personally never come across a tree like this before, so of course I had to take a few snaps to share with you all.

I hope your Christmas is as magical as our tree.. enjoy browsing! ox


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