Let The Summer Commence!

As I am currently writing this, I am in the car, driving down to Southend. Wait, let me make that clearer, I’m not driving of course, my dad is! What a disaster that would turn out to be! Anyway, my legs are out, the Sunglasses are on and the car windows are fully winded down. I have totally been digging this hot weather that we have been experiencing here in the UK recently! Of Course, I have failed miserably at an attempt to catch a slight tan. Anyone else burn until they are a tomato? Same.

Firstly, Hi! It feels like it has been forever since I have sat down and written a blog post. I recently took the time out of blogging due to having four university deadlines (which was so damn stressful btw). But I’ve made it through and here I am. I’ve somehow managed to finish my first year and honestly it has gone by so so quickly! As much as I have enjoyed it, I’m glad that I have a break from it all for a few months!

With a few months off, I have some exciting things ahead of me! First, let’s talk about Festivals! on the 9th of June, I am travelling to Manchester for a fun filled weekend at Park Life. I’m such a festival gal so I know that I will be in my element surrounded by lots of good music. I’m mainly going so that I can watch The 1975 and be in the presence of Matty Healy obvs! I’ve never been to Park Life either, so I’m glad that it will be another festival to tick off! I will also be attending British Summer Time in Hyde Park to watch The Killers, a family favourite! There’s so much to look forward to, so expect a few festival related posts in this space!

Now that I have more free time on my hands, I am going to try and blog a lot more. I love writing and have missed being able to freely speak about things that I’m interested in. I’ve also missed everything that comes along with blogging, such as the Photography, Community and Creativity. I want to step up my Blogging game, so I think this calls for some brainstorming and planning. I have lots of ideas for new content as well, so I’m going to crack on with them soon! I’ve also given my blog a whole new look, with a new theme. What d’ya think? I’m pretty happy with it and actually feel satisfied with my blog for once!

Other than that, my main aim for this Summer is to work. I know, how boring! But for someone like me, who has plans to move to Central London in September, it’s hard to get by and it’s pretty much impossible for me to be completely dependent on Student Finance. I already have one job in the bag which I’m super excited to start – but I shall save talking about that in another Blog Post!

Oh, before I forget, I’m having surgery on the 31st of May – which is only a few days away, eeeek! I won’t even attempt to explain it in detail because it’s so damn complicated. But in a nut shell, I’m having the line in my chest removed. This line was used to give me Chemotherapy, blood transfusions, blood tests and so on. Haha sounds bizarre right? I have a lot of mixed emotions about this if I’m honest. I’m a worrier as it is, so as you can imagine, the idea does not sit well with me at all. But I’m also relieved in knowing that this is the final stage. Apart from the shitty memories, this line is the only thing apart of me that reminds me of the illness. After it’s removed, I can finally wave goodbye to anything Cancer related for good.

So yeah, that concludes my little life update. It’s good to be back!



  1. 7th June 2017 / 11:37 am

    Hope the surgery went well! It must be hugely emotional to be getting rid of the final thing that reminds you of that time – I hope it’s been a positive step, though.

    • Leanne Cresswell
      20th June 2017 / 1:51 pm

      Thank you, it went very well! Yeah, it’s so strange but definitely a massive step towards moving on with a new chapter! 🙂 x

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