Spending Two Magical Evenings Back At Hogwarts

Harry Potter and the cursed child

Harry Potter Geek? Amongst many others that fit into that category, I’m certainly in there somewhere! I’m probably not doing myself any favours by telling you this, but Eight year old Leanne had a Harry Potter bedspread with a matching poster displayed on the wall. I’ve re-read the books an uncountable amount and within the recent years I’ve been to the Warner Brother Studios Three times. An ongoing Obsession? Maybe. But I’m totally okay with that!

When J.K Rowling announced ‘The Cursed Child’ theatre production, the tickets were a priority item on my Birthday wish list. Amazingly, my Dad managed to get tickets as a present for my 20th Birthday, but because of the show being extremely high in demand, it meant that I had to wait another year until watching my booked performance. Some will moan having to wait that long, however as the days of waiting became less and less, it only increased the excitement that was building up inside.

Before I continue, I want to point out that this post does NOT contain any spoilers as I PROMISE to keep the secret. Muhaha.

The moment that had been so long-awaited finally came, where my Mum and myself spent two magical evenings back at Hogwarts. We saw Part One on a Thursday evening and Part Two the evening after, which I personally felt made the performance that extra special and the wait worthwhile. If I’m being totally honest, when the script was released as a book, I wasn’t overly impressed. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the storyline, but I felt that it was too different from what we were used to. Of course it was going to be different though, as the main story is no longer about Harry, but his son Albus and his time at Hogwarts. Anyway lets put aside my ramblings, long story short – I didn’t know what to expect, although I heard from others how AMAZING it was.

From the beginning until the very end, I was fixated on the production the entire time. The actors were superb, portraying each character that we know spectacularly. Not once did I feel that it should Emma Watson or Daniel Radcliffe on the stage, as opposed to these new extremely talented actors. What more can I say? They were great. My favourite Character was Scorpius and I promise that if you are going to see this show, then you are gonna love him!

Honestly, I’m finding it extremely hard to talk about it without giving away any spoilers as I just want to describe it all in detail. But don’t worry, I won’t! What I will say though, is that this show is pure gold. Everything is just right, from the acting, the stage set design, to the theatre itself. It will leave you questioning how certain things are done. Each of these things acknowledges how well this show was thought out, which only allows you appreciate it more. This is a big statement that I’m about to make, but it was by far the best show that I have seen in the West End, and that’s not because it’s Harry Potter. It’s going to take a lot to top this one!

J.K Rowling has once again, successfully brought Hogwarts home.

Have you seen the show, or planning on seeing it? Let me know in the comments!



    • Leanne Cresswell
      24th March 2017 / 10:23 pm

      Ah I couldn’t recommend it enough, you would love it! x

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