Using Easter As An Excuse To Procrastinate

This is going to be a post with no plan. I had no intentions of writing anything on here today, yet here I am. What I should be doing? My University Assignments. I have four assignments due in May, including two practicals, an essay and an Infographic.

But as you can probably tell, I am using Procrastination at its finest to do anything but work. Once I get into the flow of things, I’ll be fine, but I always struggle to find the motivation to start. I’m thinking of going for a run today as well, so maybe I’ll do that once I’m fed up with the work. Yeah I’ll do that.

Knowing that I won’t have the time to blog in the upcoming weeks, I have scheduled a few posts, so I’m pretty happy that I’ve managed to get them sorted. With that being said, things might get a little quiet around here, as I know that I will be loaded with Uni work. My blog will most likely face a little bit of neglect, but it won’t be for long! I’ve never been able to master blogging and life during it’s busiest times. The two don’t mix well together and I just seem to fail at the whole multitasking thing.

Seeing as it is the Easter Weekend I guess I should say Happy Easter!

As a family, we don’t really celebrate Easter. Sure, we have an egg hunt for the younger ones, but we purely use these holidays as an excuse to eat chocolate and play the lazy card. I’m not a fan if I’m completely honest. I must sound nuts, but I find myself eating chocolate for the sake of it and funnily enough, as I say this, there is an empty packet of mini eggs beside me. opps. Definitely need to go for that run later. It’s nice to be able to be lazy as well, but somehow I find that being lazy isn’t an appropriate enviroment when I need to be motivated. “I’ll just treat myself to a day off and do it tomorrow” Yeh, I’ve heard that plentyyyy of times before! Maybe I’ll go to the library instead, that way I know I will definitely do work.

I’m shattered, but how is that even possible?

Great. Now my Brother has walked in with more Easter Eggs for us. LORD SAVE ME.

We’ve just had our TV box upgraded today and we officially have SkyDisney. I’M SO FREAKIN HAPPY ABOUT THIS. It was probably the worst but greatest decision that my dad has made. Although it means more distractions for me.

On another note, who has seen the new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars film? What does the Last Jedi even mean?! Is it Singular or Plural?! So many questions and thoughts! Roll on December, even though it’s months away.

Right Leanne, time to publish this post and find that motivation in you to do work. Procrastination Out.



  1. 19th April 2017 / 4:01 pm

    Oh my god, I’m so excited for The Last Jedi!! The trailer looks amazing. Cannot wait!

    • Leanne Cresswell
      20th April 2017 / 11:14 pm

      Me too, at least it’s something to look forward to in the near future!!

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