A Well Needed Catch Up!

I‘ve realised that it’s been a few months since that I last posted on my blog.. oops, I’m a sad excuse for a Blogger! The truth is, I don’t think I’ve been on my laptop for over a month now and I’ve loved it! Obviously I haven’t cut technology completely out of my life. I’m a Social Media Editor you see, so I’m constantly glued to my phone (sadly). But anyway, I’ll talk about that later! I was reading my latest blog post, prior to this one (which you can read here btw) and realised that a hell of a lot has happened since! As I said, it’s been a few months, so I think it’s worth a little catch up on life lately!

I’ve had my Surgery!

I briefly spoke about this in my previous post, but I’ve finally had it done! My Portacath (a line that was implanted in to my chest in order for me to receive chemotherapy frequently) is out and I must say, it’s such a relief! I was pretty nervous over the whole build up to the surgery, but I suppose once I was knocked out, I didn’t feel a thing! The recovery was a little difficult, but I was in and out in one day, hallelujah! All that’s left is a scar, but I can deal with that!

Work Work Work Work Work Work

Since my last post, I have managed to land myself two jobs. The first is very exciting! I’m a Social Media Editor for a Magazine called Debut! At the moment, I am managing their Twitter account, which has honestly been a lot of fun! We actually have a networking event coming up on the 18th August, which I’m sure will involve a few cocktails! My Second job is not so thrilling. I’ve come to face the harsh truth of reality.. I need a job that will back me up financially to survive my Second year at University. So alas, I’ve landed my first (and hopefully last) job in Retail. I haven’t been there for long, but I’ve quickly learnt that retail is definitely not my cup of tea!


As mentioned before, I’ve taken a step back from Blogging lately. I think apart of this is due to the fact that when I’m not working, I’m enjoying my Summer Break. I was also experiencing some serious writers block. My University degree involves being on my laptop and writing 24/7 (which don’t get me wrong, I love), but sometimes it can be too much. After a few months off, I think I’m ready to come back! Theres a lot of new content in the works, so be sure to follow me on my socials to keep updated! I’ve also decided to make a few changes to the type of content that I create. As well as Beauty and Lifestyle, I want to create more posts on the subjects of Health and life of a University Student.


In a few weeks time, I’m going to be moving into halls. At my first University, I only got to experience halls for a short period of time, and then I decided to live at home for my first year at my current Uni. Now I will FINALLY get to experience the hall life. Am I prepared? Pft of course not! I’ve hardly gone out to buy anything, so this is going to be very interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a little nervous, but very excited to have some freedom and independence.. it’s been a long time coming!

I think that’s all I’ve got to say for now folks. It’s good to be back!


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  1. 1st September 2017 / 3:57 pm

    Congrats on the surgery – that must be a relief! I think you’ll love halls, it’s a wonderful experience that every student should have once!

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